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Filthy Thieving Bastards - Discography / Дискография (2000-2007)
19.04.2012, 19:21

Filthy Thieving Bastards

folk-punk/celtic punk rock     SAN FRANCISCO, California,USA


side project put together by Johnny Bonnel and Darius Koski of the "Swingin' Utters"

discography mp3 - torrent



2000 - Our Fathers Sent Us (EP)

192kbps   DNL

01.Take Me To The Medics
02.Bastard's Wrath
04.Early Sunday Morning
05.Red Roses
06.Hopeless Vows
07.On The Way Down
09.Deliver Me

2001 - A Melody Of Retreads And Broken Quills

192kbps   DNL

1. Death is Not the End
2. Counterfeit Cassius Clay
3. Mountain Tomb
4. Gene and Jean
5. Wasting Away
6. Between the Lines
7. After Thoughts
8. Bitter Old Son
9. Trolly's Sum
10. Waltzing in My Spew
11. Wait By The Door
12, Grave Me
13. The Killing Kind
14. Aberfan
15. An Otherwise Sunny Day

2005 - My Pappy Was A Pistol

VBR224kbps   DNL

1.That's Life
2.The Back of His Hand
4.Drug Lords of the Avenues
5.Crutches and Blow
6.Back to the Old Inkwell
7.Mikey Needs to Move
8.Sealed Confessions
9.Needs No Retrieve
10.Gods Are Fearing Men
11.Like Jack Dalrymple
12.Singapore Sling
13.I Just Can't Win
14.Daly City Train
15.Bad Afternoon Sun

2007 - ...I'm a Son of a Gun

VBR224kbps   DNL

01. Phony Drunken Poet
02. I Sure Enjoyed My Stay
03. When The Wallflowers Wilt
04. Move Out Of Here
05. Dusty Roads
06. Santa Maria
07. Oh, Sweet Misery
08. Bring Me Back
09. Down Every Day
10. Dumb Dead Goats
11. When We Were Kids
12. On With The Show
13. A Killing on Wall Street
14. Last of the Big Spenders


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